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Brogan Reed and Xander James
February 14, 2024 | Full Length Video : 13min 37sec

Xander James is a Latin trans twink who clearly has a thing for scruffy buff jocks like Brandon Reed. Brandon, on the other hand, knows just how to use a twink’s bonus hole for maximum mutual pleasure!

The pair start out with a leisurely, passionate kiss. Soon, Xander is on his knees, and has Brandon’s shorts off, giving the jock stud’s hard dick the worshipful attention it deserves.

With Brandon’s cock ...[Read more]

With Brandon’s cock and Xander’s bonus hole both dripping, it’s time to fuck! Brandon spreads Xander’s legs wide and spears his cock into Xander’s boypussy. He goes to work, plowing the cute caramel twink deep, giving that tight bonus hole a real workout.

Finally, Brandon pulls out, pumps his dick for a moment and sprays jock cum all over Xander’s chest. Brandon greedily licks up his own load and shares it with Xander in another deep kiss.

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