Baily Wylde and Luke Hudson
June 29, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 0sec

Baily and Luke start making out, slowly caressing each other’s bodies as their tongues tangle passionately. Luke really gets off on having his nipples rubbed and teased, so he takes his shirt off to give Baily full access.

Luke moans through the french kissing, getting Baily even hornier! Once Baily takes off his shirt, the two men tweak and play with each other’s chests. Both are very smooth, so hands glide to heighten the sensations.

Baily pushes Luke ...[Read more]

Baily pushes Luke onto the bed once his pants come off. This is what Baily has really been waiting for; a chance to taste Luke’s manly bonus hole!

The clit peeks out ever so little at first, but as Luke gets more and more turned on, it moves forward to greet Baily’s hot mouth. Baily gives Luke quite the tongue lashing, and from the moans ringing through the room, you know Luke is loving it! He gets so hard that Baily starts to mouth the man-clit, changing from tonguing to a full on blow job, sending Luke through the roof!

Luke turns Baily around to give him as good of a blow job as our FTM stud got, swallowing Baily’s hard cock easily and quickly. Now it’s Baily’s turn to moan!

As good as that feels, Baily has one thing on his mind; getting back into that boy-pussy! Luke spreads wide showing exactly where the target is. Baily’s dick, still wet from the blow job, slides right in! Baily’s taking his time; no need to rush these intense feelings. Luke is just as into it and reaches down to play with his clit while Baily’s fucks him raw!

Baily’s pace gets faster and faster as he edges closer and closer to shooting his full wad. It’s as though nothing else exists in the world but Baily’s cock and Luke’s extra entrance. Baily gasps; he’s ready to blast!

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