Sean Duran and Ari Koyote
August 30, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 38sec

During their first date, cute-faced FTM twink Ari Koyote and bodybuilder hunk Sean Duran could tell they were into each other. After taking it to the bedroom, the frisky fuckbuddies get to some heavy grinding and impassioned making out.

Sean was hot for FTM boypussy, and wanted to know if Ari’s bonus hole was wet and ready. Ari merely suggested that Sean go south with his tongue and find out!

Ari cried out ...[Read more]

Ari cried out in pure bliss when Sean went to work. The bedsheets became just as wet as his slick, pulsating boyslit.

After getting his jock boy all worked up, Sean pulled out a long, thick, wondrous vibrator! The sound of the electrical purring alone made the FTM cutie shiver with anticipation. As if Sean’s magical, adventurous tongue wasn’t fantastic enough, the multi-talented alpha worked that sex toy like he had invented it himself.

Ari writhed with incalculable pleasure. In between cries and shouts of joy, the FTM wonder played with and massaged the piercing on his tender boyslit. As Sean worked the vibrator deeper and faster into the tight, wet extra entrance, Ari gripped the muscle god’s massive shoulders and arms.

Sean used his tongue to toy with Ari’s sensitive nipples and within seconds the FTM twink had reached the limit. Sean hit every single last one of Ari’s sweet, tender buttons deep inside his boyhole. The young, smooth hottie came so hard, Sean had to hold onto him…

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