Jack Bailey and Luke Hudson
August 24, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 46sec

Jack and Luke are amazing together. From the start, they just seem to get each other. Twink Jack really gets off on feeling Luke’s beard rub against him when they kiss. Not little-peck kisses either, but big, throaty, wet tongue-battle kisses! Jack really gets his groan on when Luke nibbles at his smooth freckled neck!

As clothes come off, the two boys really get into the caresses. Jack reaches between Luke’s legs to get a sense of how turned on Luke is and, sure enough, that pussy is on fire! Luke lays on his back to give Jack better access. The smooth-faced twink dives down between Luke’s legs and laps at that boypussy like it was a saucer of milk! Every lick sends Luke’s brain flying in ecstasy!

Jack has a ...[Read more]

Jack has a surprise for Luke and his labia; a vibrator! Jack circles around the head of Luke’s clit sending vibes and vibration all through Luke’s extra entrance.

Luke. Can. Not. Get. Enough! Jack is really enjoying this too! He’s got a front-row ticket to the show! Jack throws his tongue in every so often just to intensify things a little more. Luke's breathing gets heavier and louder. Fair warning, Jack, the juices are about to pop! Jack gets a smile on his face knowing his fuckbuddy had a huge cum!

Luke is a gentleman so he’s ready to return the favor. He takes Jack’s cock into his mouth and starts bobbing. Jack’s quite a mouthful but Luke’s up to the task. He takes Jack deep into his throat, down to the hilt! Jack’s moans show just how into the throb-knob-swab he is! With all the raw sexual energy of Luke’s orgasm centering on the blowjob he’s getting now, he’s going to bust that nut! Luke takes it like a champ, letting the spooge ooze back down Jack’s quivering shaft!

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