Ryan Powers and Ari Koyote
January 03, 2024 | Full Length Video : 19min 59sec

Ryan Powers’ bearded face was scraping against Ari Koyote’s stubble as the two locked lips and moaned. Ryan had gotten more confident in the ways that Ari liked to be touched, and began to explore under the waistband of the red jockstrap his cute bad-boy was sporting.

The glasses trans stud slurped down the thick member while Ryan playfully began to face-fuck the bush off of Ari’s chin. Ryan himself was eager to show his sexy FTM stud how much he had learned by taking his turn to orally service the pierced t-dick.

It was those ...[Read more]

It was those moments of pure bliss that Ryan sought when he came over for sex. He loved being able to watch Ari’s eyes roll back in their skull while groaning with pleasure…

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