Riley Ross and Ari Koyote
October 25, 2023 | Full Length Video : 15min 49sec

FTM trans star Ari Koyote can barely contain his excitement as he makes out with hairy top stud Riley Ross—the two are already naked, but with how passionately Ari sucks on Riley’s tongue, he's nearly swallowing Riley’s whole face. Riley stands there returning the kiss with a clearly hard, throbbing cock that’s ready to invade Ari’s wet FTM hole. These two just can't keep their lips off each other.

Ari can feel his hole practically vibrate as the familiar taste of Riley’s cock brings back the thrill of the last time Ari had it inside his mouth. Riley lays Ari on his back and returns the oral favor, lapping up Ari’s juices before plunging his cock deep into the bespectacled FTM jock’s bonus hole.

Riley pounds Ari ...[Read more]

Riley pounds Ari in a few positions, getting himself worked up to the hilt in each one, before turning him back over and drilling him from behind. He shoots his cum as deep into the FTM bottom’s hole as possible.

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