Tyler Castle and Luke Hudson
February 09, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 0sec

It’s hard to find two cuties quite like Luke and Tyler. Both have the sweet, boy-next-door charm with just the right amount of edge. Tyler’s scruffy beard brushes up beautifully against Luke’s causing enough friction you can practically see the sparks of their attraction!

When the two take off their shirts, they can’t resist running their hands over one another’s smooth flesh. Each wishes he had an extra arm or two so he could feel more at once! But patience is a virtue and these angelic studs will just have to take their time and really enjoy each passionate moment.

As they help ...[Read more]

As they help each other out of their pants, their nearly-matching gray underwear is all that keeps them from being completely bare skin to skin. They make quick work of removing them to show off their perfect genitalia, each aroused and heated and ready for a good fuck.

Tyler’s cock stands alert, pointed directly toward Luke and bobbing slightly from the movement of being uncovered. It practically calls Luke to get on it, compelling the beautiful trans man to lean down and gobble up every delicious inch of Tyler’s shaft. Tyler’s balls hang heavy, cradled in Luke’s hand as he moves up and down it’s length. Tyler is not pushing him, though. He wants Luke to fall in love with his member. And Luke can hardly stop himself from taking it all down.

Just as Tyler’s dripping in Luke’s saliva, the dark haired top mimics Luke’s position, getting on his stomach to bring his soft lifts to Luke’s dick. He wraps himself around the hard knob, licking and sucking on it as it sends electricity through the trans man’s body. Luke has to grip onto the headboard to keep from quivering too hard, not wanting to break Tyler’s expert mouthwork.

With his nose buried deep in Luke’s pubes and his raging erection stuck against his belly, Tyler is aching to feel himself buried deep inside his partner’s pelvis. Luke positions himself on all fours, presenting his backside to his horny top, eagerly anticipating the moment of penetration. It happens fast and deep, sending quakes through Luke’s body as Tyler works hard to satisfy his cock.

Luke bounces his bubble butt back on Tyler, practically milking him with his tight hole. Luke keeps his hands wrapped around Luke’s waist, working in rhythm to send them both over the edge. Their lust for each other builds with every thrust, leading to a beautiful, juicy burst of Tyler’s load pouring into (and out of) Luke’s happy hole.

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