Tyler Castle and Luke Hudson
July 27, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 2sec

Luke and Tyler are making out on what is to be a very lucky futon! The two bearded boys are enjoying it as their tongues lap hungrily inside each other’s mouths. Tyler’s hands roam freely over Luke’s sexy body, holding him close. Our FTM stud is exploring Tyler as well, feeling the joy of having a hot guy to play with! You can sense the passion in their moves; these guys are hot for each other!

Once they take their clothes off, the action really amps up! Luke loves the feel of Tyler’s hot cock sliding in and out of his throat! He literally can’t get enough, opening up wide and swallowing Tyler’s uncut monster to the hilt. Tyler can’t help himself. He puts his hands on his fuckbuddy’s head and pushes him down even further on his hot hard dick!

But now Tyler ...[Read more]

But now Tyler wants his turn to lap on a hard dick and Luke is happy to oblige. Tyler starts licking and flicking at Luke’s already-hard manpussy. Luke’s boner responds beautifully to Tyler’s tongue assault, sending moans and shivers up and down Luke’s spine.

Licking this extra entrance turns Luke on so much. Luke reaches down to stroke Tyler’s hard-on while hanging on for dear life and Tyler goes medieval on the manpussy. The licking and sucking are quickly moving Luke to the edge!

But Luke has a different plan. He sits Tyler on the futon and straddles him cowboy-style. Luke’s pussy is so wet from the tongue session that it opens up and swallows Tyler’s man-meat whole.

It feels so good with Tyler’s cock sliding in and out of Luke’s bonus hole! Luke is bouncing up and down, his man-clit rubbing up against the hilt of Tyler’s dick with every thrust.

Tyler moves Luke into a missionary position and Luke is thrilled! The pounding that his clit gets is so intense as Tyler establishes a hot rhythm! Luke can barely hold on, and neither can Tyler! His breath catches as his face goes into O-mode! Luke’s about to get flooded!

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