Koda Gold and Ari Koyote
October 05, 2022 | Full Length Video : 13min 5sec

Hearts pounding with pent up anxious lust, these young, excited, horny dudes get naked in the twinkling of an eye. Ari falls back onto the bed and exposes his dripping wet boy hole for Koda to enjoy. The masculine jock dives right in, licking and kissing all the moist and sensitive areas of the FTM dream boy’s pussy making him cry out with sheer delight!

An impassioned Ari takes matters into his own hands and quickly changes places with his jock lover. Koda can’t help but lean back and smile as the supercharged trans-hottie expertly engulfs his cock whole. And the deeper down his throat Ari takes the sexy dude’s shaft, the louder the sighs and moans become.

Koda grabs Ari’s ...[Read more]

Koda grabs Ari’s head in a moment of pure animal lust and thrusts his steel-hard jock rod as deep into the trans boy’s throat as he can. Ari is no amateur in the dick-sucking department as he takes the shaft with only minimal gagging. Wildly impressed and turned on, Koda can only throw his head back and moan in pure ecstasy.

The handsome jock now has a new idea! He pulls out a fun-sized vibrator and tantalizes Ari’s ultrasensitive T-dick with it. The FTM beauty can only cry out and grip the bed sheets, desperately wanting more and more! Koda is just as excited and turned on as his lover. He laps his tongue along Ari’s boypussy as the vibrator continues to do its good work!

The panting, moaning transboy can feel his impending orgasm quickly start to build. A cascade of intense pleasure erupts and Ari arches his back as he cums incredibly hard. Koda is beyond pleased at his handy work and passionately kisses his new trans boytoy, wondering what fun will be next…?

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