Tristan Flip and Ari Koyote
March 25, 2020 | Full Length Video : 17min 9sec

Ari throws himself up against Tristan’s beautiful, meaty body as they kiss. Their hands run over each other wildly and passionately, stirred up by their intense connection and attraction. Ari loves Tristan’s furry chest and sprawling tattoos, not to mention his hot daddy mustache and thick, throbbing cock!

Lying back on the bed, Tristan closes his eyes as he gets lost in Ari’s impressive cock sucking skills, thinking of how badly he wants to pound at Ari’s hole. But before he mounts up for a deep fuck, Tristan devours Ari’s pussy, lapping at his clit and lips while never breaking eye contact with his sexy trans lover.

Ari’s moans are ...[Read more]

Ari’s moans are like a symphony to Tristan, getting him aroused for what’s to come. Tristan bends Ari over the bed, giving him the chance to brace himself as he slips his bare cock inside his wet pussy. Ari grips the covers, wanting to feel it deeper and harder, bracing himself against Tristan’s intense thrusts!

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