Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx
November 16, 2022 | Full Length Video : 25min 53sec

Hungry for a midnight snack, Jonah Wheeler wanders into the kitchen only to find his favorite treat, cute and sexy FTM hunk Stevie Trixx! The two ravenous horndogs magnetize to one another. They can’t help the intense sexual pull that keeps both dudes coming back for more!

Without another word, Jonah quickly pulls his favorite fuckbuddy’s jeans off. Stevie bounds onto the kitchen countertop and to Jonah’s thrilled delight, the FTM dream jock obscenely spreads his moist, pulsating boypussy!

Jonah’s tongue judiciously ...[Read more]

Jonah’s tongue judiciously probes and explores every iota of Stevie’s juicy manslit. Jonah isn’t shy to admit that he loves the taste of jockpussy The dark-haired, deep-voiced super-hunk deeply relishes the sweet, savory flavor of the juices that ooze out of the luscious crevice of an FTM hottie.

After he’s had his fill, Jonah has an absolute field day banging the living daylights out of Stevie’s perfectly shaped bubble butt. The delectable top fucks Stevie doggystyle until the dreamboy bottom pants and moans uncontrollably with pleasure! This causes Jonah to quickly pull out and shower blast after blast of hot, thick semen all over Stevie’s sexy back and ass.

And even after these dudes got their fill of midnight snack, they are STILL hungry for more!

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