Spencer Daley and Luke Hudson
May 10, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 21sec

Some men just get right down to business the moment they see each other.

Toned blonde athlete Spencer Daley wasted no time getting down on his knees to savor FTM star Luke Hudson’s beautiful Jock Pussy. Luke wouldn’t let Spencer give him a good pounding, though, without returning the oral favor first. He pulled Spencer's member into his throat; he let his lips slide along the shaft, pulling it far within him without gagging, deepthroating with expertise that curled Spencer’s toes.

The tip of ...[Read more]

The tip of Spencer's cock entered Luke’s bonus hole with some slight resistance. But, the further Spencer pressed, the faster his member could slip in and out, which caused the juices from Luke’s warmed up man pussy to lube up the blonde stud’s throbbing cock. Both studs smiled radiantly as the pleasure built up inside them. Luke rode Spencer, bouncing up and down as they both threw their heads back in pure ecstasy.

It was hard for Spencer to stop pounding his new favorite jock pussy, even long after his orgasm drained into the bouncing bottom. Spencer entered Luke’s used man pussy for a few more last pumps of his hips. He found fucking Luke habit forming…

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