Spencer Daley and Luke Hudson
October 11, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 16sec

Spencer Daley was eager to reconnect with his partner, Luke Hudson. They start off with a steamy make-out session that quickly escalates when the blonde boy eats his bro’s jock pussy!

The FTM jock starts to get verbal, moans escaping their lips as they watch their bonus hole get devoured by their partner. Luke grabs the blonde hunk’s cock at the base so they can get that cut cock rock-hard and ready.

Once he’s hard, ...[Read more]

Once he’s hard, the blonde boy moved himself so he could slide his stiff cock right in while Luke assumed the position on their back. Luke prepares themself—Spencer is eager to get inside of the muscular FTM stud’s hole and his beginning thrusts definitely reflect that. He pumps his hips as hard as he can, thrusting into Luke so hard he’s shaking them!

Luke decides to take matters into their own hands and rides the hard boy. Luke develops their own rhythm as Spencer sits back and enjoys hearing the way Luke moans in pleasure. Finally, his eagerness overtakes Spencer and he spews his sperm all down Luke’s hot entrance!

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