Ryan Powers and Ari Koyote
April 12, 2023 | Full Length Video : 15min 52sec

Even though it’s only the second time they’ve met, scruffy stud Ryan Powers and FTM cutie Ari Koyote don’t need words anymore.

As soon as they walk into the bedroom, they tear themselves out of each other's clothes. Ari, drawn like a magnet to Ryan’s crotch, is down on to the floor, trying to take the entirety of Ryan’s rock hard cock into his mouth.

Ryan throws Ari ...[Read more]

Ryan throws Ari onto the bed so he can get a taste of that beautiful jock-pussy of his. Ari throws his head back as Ryan swirls his tongue around his t-dick, savoring the flavor before he plunges himself inside Ari’s holes.

Mercilessly, Ryan switches between fucking that beautiful man-pussy and extra tight boy hole, stretching out each side of Ari as he gets closer to climax. After a few more pumps, Ryan is blowing his hot load inside Ari, both moaning in pleasure as the cum drips out of Ari’s hole. Ryan gives the FTM cutie one final pump before collapsing onto him in sweet afterglow.

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