Riley Ross and Ari Koyote
January 04, 2023 | Full Length Video : 10min 57sec

Ari joins Riley back at his place for a little post-tennis cooldown. The two have worked up quite a sweat and are ready for even more! With their tank tops clinging to their tight bodies, they put down their rackets and immediately begin kissing. Back and forth, their tongues tickle each other as their hands move all over each other’s bodies. Riley brings his hands down by Ari’s ass, grabbing his meaty cheeks as his cock swells up in his shorts...

They quickly strip down, getting out of their clothes and giving Ari the chance to fill his mouth with Riley’s cock. It throbs intensely between his lips as he savors the taste of his sweaty junk. Riley teases Ari’s nipples and indulges him in a post-game blowjob, primed to fuck and breed his tight pussy.

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Showing the same enthusiasm and fervor he displayed on the court, Riley plunges his cock between Ari’s legs as the hot trans stud rides him like a champ! Grinding his hips into his loins, Ari milks out a hot load from Riley’s nuts, feeling his thick cock penetrate him as he gets closer and closer to cumming!

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