Owen Powers and Ari Koyote
August 15, 2019 | Full Length Video : 23min 33sec

Ari’s lips work hard to press against Owen’s as they make out in their Atlanta bed. The scruffy stud has a natural charisma that drives Ari wild, stirring up his loins and making him hungry for his cock. Ari grinds up on Owen’s muscular legs, feeling his cock slide up against his clit as Owen sneaks his hands in the trans boy’s shorts, teasing his ass and pussy.

Owen watches as Ari moves down on his cock, taking the massive meat into his mouth. His big, thick shaft slides easily past Ari’s lips and snugly in his throat. Own reaches around to feel Ari’s pussy gets wetter and wetter as he swallows him down.

Owen then slithers ...[Read more]

Owen then slithers his tongue between Ari’s legs, tasting the boy’s pussy and sucking on his enlarged clit. Ari feels his piercing gently pushed and pulled from Owen’s expert mouth, readying him to take his bare cock deep inside. With his legs up and pussy open, Owen mounts him, filling his body with his monster cock, pounding him deep and fast as they both ride the edge of orgasm.

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