Tyler Castle and Luke Hudson
July 26, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 45sec

Scruffy hunk Tyler Castle and sexy FTM stud Luke Hudson have drained each other’s fluids four times now for the exclusive cameras of JockPussy but that’s just not enough for either of them!

Tyler, with his athletic build, looks like he could have easily been checking Luke out on the diamond. The trans man, with his toned muscle body, has the perfect build for playing in-fielder. A body like that requires maintenance, which means a careful diet and a lot of time in the kitchen. But after practice, or a workout, sometimes you’re still running a bit hot—and when Luke and Tyler find themselves against each other on the kitchen counter, they both realize food will have to wait.

Luke and Tyler ...[Read more]

Luke and Tyler don’t take long to go from fully clothed and making out butt-naked right in the middle of the kitchen. Tyler’s rock-hard and Luke’s quick to get on his knees and swallow Tyler’s protein stick. He slobbers all over it—but Tyler’s hungry, too, and he wants a taste of Luke’s bonus hole. Luke gets onto all fours and lets Tyler slide his cock into the warm, soaked opening. Luke begs the uncut stud to coat his insides with another load of cum—everything else can wait!

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