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luke hudson & tyler castle: Chapter 4

May 17, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 41sec

Hot dudes with a hot, tight boypussy are my absolute favorite. Any other type doesn’t even come close. So, I confess: my dreams came true when Luke Hudson invited me over for a little rough-and-tumble.

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I love his masculine body and especially those pecs and beefy, gorgeous thighs. And trust me, when we started making out on his bed, I spent a lot of time generously feeling them up. I could sense with my fingertips how soaking wet Luke was underneath his jockeys.

God, I fuckin’ loved it when Luke shook the damn bed while impaling himself onto my huge dick and riding me. So, like, dude’s grinding hard and with no care in the world if he breaks the bed. When I had Luke on his back— with his silky, milky thighs pulled towards his sexy chest—and I was giving the dude a real fuckin’ pounding, I thought I'd lose myself right there.

Don’t bother asking if I blew a huge wad into him, because you know I did. Afterwards, Luke said he’d invite me over again, real soon. I’m seriously getting hard again just thinking about it…!

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