Tyler Castle and Luke Hudson
December 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 37sec

Every time FTM star Luke Hudson thinks about his ultra-sexy jock buddy Tyler Castle, he gets massively turned on. Luckily for Luke, Tyler’s got nothing better to do this evening than fuck his boy’s brains out!

Once the horny boys are finally alone, they very quickly peel off their clothes and drop them on the bedroom floor. Luke cannot get enough of Tyler’s big dick and promptly swallows it whole. Tyler’s excitement and desire accelerate, and he moans loudly as the head of his steel-hard member pummels the back of Luke’s throat.

The big jock ...[Read more]

The big jock pushes Luke back onto the bed and plunges his tongue into the FTM dreamboy’s throbbing bonus hole. Luke gasps with delirious pleasure every time Tyler pays special attention to his moist, pulsating T-dick. Tyler would spend all day nibbling, licking and salivating that sweet, delicious member… but his cock really needs to fuck, and now!

Luke happily spreads himself open, and loves every second of Tyler’s eager thrusts. He grips the bed sheets as Tyler suddenly pulls out and sprays a huge load all over his buddy’s well-fucked body!

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