Tom Bentley and Luke Hudson
July 12, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 25sec

One of JockPussy’s most famous FTM stars is back at it again! Trans stud Luke Hudson and twink top Tom Bentley are only moments into making out on the couch before their tank tops and shorts get ripped off their bodies and onto the floor. These two men return to kissing one another as their hands roam over each other’s toned frames.

As they grope and tease, Tom’s cock grows hard and sticks straight out. It rubs up against Luke’s warm bonus hole. The FTM star grips Tom’s staff and lets it rub against his wet opening. Tom goes in for a taste of this man’s jock-pussy, which causes Luke to decide his twink lover shouldn’t be the only one to eat!

Luke wants to ...[Read more]

Luke wants to swallow Tom’s meat-sword down his throat, really get it nice and slicked up before he takes it in his hole. It isn’t long before Luke is folded up on his back, looking Tom in his eyes as this gorgeous lover mercilessly pounds a load deep into him!

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