Jack Bailey and Luke Hudson
May 31, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 11sec

Today, Jack Bailey had a big surprise for Luke Hudson: a huge load to flood Luke’s wet JockPussy with!

Jack had been anticipating filling Luke’s warm hole again ever since their last encounter.

Their clothes came ...[Read more]

Their clothes came off, and his rock-hard cock sprang into action. He stroked himself while going down on Luke's t-dick, expertly using his tongue to send Luke in a spiral of pleasure. Jack’s cock needed some extra lubrication, and Luke was happy to help—slurping it down, drinking in the pre-cum as spit was spurting out the sides of his mouth.

Jack pushed Luke’s legs open as he inserted his wet cock into Luke’s tight hole. Both moaned as they found a familiar rhythm. Jack pushed Luke’s legs further apart to find his favorite angle to fuck. He pumped hard in that tight hole until that load he promised came bursting out. Ecstasy escaped their throats as Jack’s load began to fill Luke’s used hole, and a massive spurt came spilling out during his slowing thrusts. He continued to thrust himself into Luke as the afterglow began to take over, giving him a few last pumps before taking his favorite FTM fuckbuddy in his arms for one more kiss.

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