Chad Taylor and Luke Hudson
May 18, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 7sec

Chad Taylor is no virgin. The hairy young man with tattoos all over has been there, done that. Luke Hudson, though, does offer an experience unlike any Chad’s ever had before. Luke has a bonus hole! This FTM transgender man is about to give Chad the ride of his life and Chad’s really into it!

The pair start by taking some tender time to explore each other’s bodies. Chad’s got a fuzzy, rock-hard torso that Luke wants to get closer to. Luke roughly pulls Chad’s shirt off, revealing the combination of tatts, muscles, and hair that really gets Luke going. He dives deeper with his tongue while caressing Chad’s bare skin. It’s slightly rough to the touch; manly, yet gentle at the same time.

All this friction ...[Read more]

All this friction is turning Chad on as well, so he reaches under Luke’s shirt to get a feel of what’s to come. Soon enough, Luke’s shirt is added to the pile of clothes on the floor and the two amp up the make-out session.

Chad undoes the fly on Luke’s jeans and reaches in for a feel of the treat he’s been promised. It’s already slippery-wet from all the foreplay and the simple touch of Chad’s fingers has Luke moaning with pleasure!

Chad wants better access to Luke’s cave of wonders, so after they both get completely nude, Chad pushes Luke back on the bed and takes a deep dive into that tasty pussy.

The tip of Luke’s clit is ripe and ready for Chad’s flicking tongue. Wave after wave of pleasure flows through Luke as Chad licks his horny hole. When Chad adds his fingers, Luke can barely take all the sensation shooting all over his body.

Luke decides he needs to give his fuckbuddy a chance to see how it feels so they switch places, and now it’s Luke’s face buried in Chad’s hairy crotch. That dick is hard as a rock and Luke wants to swallow it whole. He uses his tongue masterfully and opens his throat wide, taking the hard facefuck Chad’s giving him. Luke loves Chad’s fuzzy chest and plays with it while he bobs up and down!

With his cock hard and wet, Chad can’t wait to slide in. Luke gets on all fours, giving Chad just the access he needs to shove his slick dick where his fingers had been. Instinctively, Luke’s body gives Chad’s cock plenty of lubrication so that nothing is going to stop this intense man-on-manpussy action! Chad grabs Luke by the shoulders from behind so he can long-dick and Luke is loving every second!

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