Cain Marko and Luke Hudson
December 14, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 27sec

It's time for a JockPussy daddy bear debut! Muscular, tattoo-laden jock-bear Cain Marko gets with cute FTM star Luke Hudson in a sexy motel-room encounter.

Clothes rip away. Luke dutifully drops to his knees and gets his hungry lips around Cain’s big cock. He deepthroats it until he chokes and tears roll down his cheeks. As a reward, the daddy jock throws his boy onto the bed and squats between his legs, endlessly pleasuring Luke with his tongue and beard stubble.

The jock-bear pushes ...[Read more]

The jock-bear pushes Luke’s legs wide apart before sinking his rock-hard dick into the gasping boy’s bonus hole. Within seconds, Cain bangs the boy with deep, long thrusts, his meat repeatedly hitting the back wall of Luke’s tight entrance. Daddy bear slams every inch of his knob deep into Luke’s body. The FTM star moans and grunts, desperate for those jock juices to flood into him.

Luke’s wishes — and yours — are granted! Cain lets out a primal roar and blasts deep inside the boy, filling the quivering hole with powerful jets of sticky semen. With a fuck like that, you know Cain’s definitely going to come back for more.

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