Baily Wylde and Luke Hudson
November 02, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 5sec

Tall, dark-haired hottie Baily Wylde has definitely got the hots for FTM cutie Luke Hudson. Luke’s boy pussy is getting all sorts of warm and moist as he feels the very large lump in Baily’s cargo shorts. The two boy-toys know exactly where that thing is going!

After a long, steamy make-out session, Luke and Baily just can’t stand not being naked. The two horny dudes excitedly check out each other’s smoking hot bodies as they strip their clothes off. Luke stares in wide-eyed amazement at Baily’s firehose-sized cock. For just a fleeting moment, Baily wondered if Luke was going to be able to take it all in his mouth. But those doubts were quickly forgotten as Luke is no slouch or newbie when it comes to sucking dick and deepthroating!

Luke expertly takes ...[Read more]

Luke expertly takes Baily’s long, thick hardon into his mouth and down his throat – all with relative ease. Baily gets incredibly turned on by this sight and sighs in deep satisfaction as Luke swallows that cock like a real champ.

Baily loves the ultra-arousing attention from his eager trans fuckboy, but he wants the attention to be turned to Luke’s T-dick and boy pussy. Baily gets really turned on every time he gets the chance to finger Luke’s moist and meaty man slit. Coupled with suckling on his super-sensitive manmeat, Baily can’t think of what he’d rather do more…well, except for one other tantalizing goal!

Luke absolutely loves to be fucked in his man-vagina from behind and he doesn’t need to be asked twice to get into the doggy position. And for sure, Luke is super horny and very ready to be fucked. His boy pussy envelops Baily’s long, strong horsecock in one wild, hot thrust. Luke cries out in ecstasy and continuously moans louder and louder as Baily pounds him harder and deeper.

Finally, Luke is ready to cum and takes matters into his own hands. He begins rocking back onto Baily’s cock, really squeezing and milking Baily’s cock in his tight boy cunt. This hot action brings Baily nearly over the top and he and Luke both know his impending climax is close. Luke’s sighs and moans of pleasure send Baily into a passionate, mind bending cum. Baily launches blast after blast of hot semen into Luke’s pussy - so much cum so that when Baily momentarily pulls out, his thick, creamy seed comes leaking out too!

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