Archer Croft and Luke Hudson
April 05, 2023 | Full Length Video : 25min 56sec

Jocks are meant to wear each other out. No matter the shape or size, all that matters is the workout!

Beefy, inked-up hunk Archer Croft kisses toned FTM stud Luke Hudson deeply as the two undress. Once naked, the two men’s tatted bodies grind together like drawn magnets. Luke swallows Archer’s thick cock before Archer returns the oral favor by lapping up Luke’s extra entrance.

Archer slides his ...[Read more]

Archer slides his rigid cock into Luke’s wet, inviting, hungry hole. Luke moans in pleasure as Archer begins pumping him. A steady pace at first, which eventually rolls into a swift pounding. He alternates between these two speeds before blowing a massive load into Luke’s hungry guts. Both jocks are left panting, sweaty, and riled up—just as a good workout should do.

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