Tyler Castle and Luke Hudson
February 07, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 24sec

It’s a battle of the tongues with tattooed and bearded Tyler Castle and FTM stud Luke Hudson!

Once they’re naked, Luke kisses his way down to Tyler’s throbbing member. It disappears before their eyes as Luke shows off just how well he can deep-throat. The FTM stud is so eager to fit every inch in his mouth that he gags a few times. Tyler then plunges down on Luke’s T-dick, using his expert tongue to pleasure the bonus hole, savoring the taste of the juices coming from both.

Soon enough Tyler ...[Read more]

Soon enough Tyler mentions wanting to fuck Luke from behind, and the FTM stud finds himself pushed up against the wall with the tattooed hunk pressing firmly into him. Luke feels the weight of Tyler’s low-hangers in full swing as they slap against his bonus hole. The tattooed top is balls-deep in Luke’s hole, teasing the bottom verbally as Luke’s moans grow louder and louder the harder and deeper Tyler thrusts.

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