Luke Hudson
June 03, 2021 | Full Length Video : 22min 54sec

Oliver is just Luke’s type: tall, lean, scruffy, a little nerdy, and very horny. The two cuddle up in bed, pressing their bare flesh against each other, feeling the soft, sensual contact between them. Oliver’s chest hair trails down to his throbbing cock, as if directing Luke right where he wants him to go.

Kissing and caressing each other, Luke is not shy about exploring Oliver’s body. And Oliver is not shy about returning the favor.

Putting Luke on ...[Read more]

Putting Luke on his back, the glasses-wearing stud slides between his legs, planting his face between Luke’s soft thighs to begin savoring the taste of his clit. The hard knob gets teased by Oliver’s tongue, getting the transboy’s body warmed up for a hot fuck. As Oliver gets deep in Luke’s pussy with his tongue, Luke guides him in even deeper, holding the back of his neck to encourage him to gorge on his manpussy.

Oliver’s cock hangs heavy and hard between his legs, giving Luke a glimpse of the meat stick he intends to ride. Flipping positions, Luke begins working Oliver’s shaft with his mouth, stretching his jaw wide to take the thick, throbbing, monster cock. Luke can barely grip it with one hand, requiring him to give maximum effort to swallowing down the giant tool. Luke is determined though, feeling the girthy member move to the back of his throat and choke him so right.

With Oliver’s cock well wetted and as stiff as steel, Luke gets on his back and spreads his pussy open wide. Oliver knows well how to serve up his giant dick, making Luke’s insides quiver and shake as they take in each inch. Luke is absolutely infatuated with Oliver, desperate to feel him pound away at his guts. The sweet top flashes him a charming smile as he gets balls deep, obviously enamored with Luke being on the end of his cock.

Their passion builds and Oliver can feel Luke’s cunt open up for him. Oliver can’t hold back his desire, aggressively fucking Luke’s pussy until he bursts out a thick, potent load all over the bonus-hole boy’s body! Luke basks in the feeling of being freshly fucked, waiting for Oliver to get ready for round two!

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