Landon Kovac and Ari Koyote
June 15, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 52sec

Landon and FTM Ari are made for each other. The two hairy men have the word “passion” written all over them. You can see it as they make out, Ari lying underneath Landon’s hot horny body. Ari’s glasses fog up at times because they’re so into each other! Landon loves exploring the inside of Ari’s mouth with his tongue. Ari’s piercing there just adds fuel to this sexy fire!

Jockstraps and underwear come off and Ari moves that talented tongue of his down to Landon’s long hairy dick. The piercing comes in handy again as Ari bobs up and down. Landon yells out - he’s getting close just from the blow job!

But Ari’s mouth ...[Read more]

But Ari’s mouth isn’t the ultimate goal here. Landon is really super-charged to get to that hot, wet man-pussy!

Ari’s had his man-clit pierced too, showing Landon exactly where to bury his tongue. Ari’s a moaner and his masculine voice fills the room with sounds of desire and pleasure. Landon’s really getting off on eating Ari’s pussy out and that is just fine by Ari! He shivers as these sexual sensations move from his clit through to his entire body!

Landon wants more. That bonus hole has been great for eating out, but it’s made for a good fucking! Ari stands at the edge of the bed and bends over, ready for what Landon has to give. The sensations Landon felt earlier double and triple now that his hard cock is balls deep in Ari’s extra entrance! Ari’s moans fill the room again and Landon’s moans join in!

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