Koda Gold and Ari Koyote
December 02, 2021 | Full Length Video : 13min 55sec

Koda is every bit the classic jock. Toned, strong body, masculine good looks, and a flat brimmed cap atop his head. His heavy cock hangs in his boxer briefs as he leans back in bed, hairy chest and pits open for all to enjoy. Luckily for cute nerdy boy, Ari, he’s right up close with the sexy man, kissing up on him and groping his loins as the two get close.

Koda’s lips meet Ari’s as their make out session intensifies, Koda’s arms get all over Ari’s soft, lightly haired body. It’s not long before Koda is compelled to get down on his knees and give Ari an even deeper kiss between his legs. Ari’s pierced dick rings like a bell as Koda laps at the hard, prominent member. Surrounded by a warm, wet pussy, Ari’s genitals offer up an exciting playground for Koda’s tongue to explore, all while Ari moans and writhes in pleasure.

When Ari drops ...[Read more]

When Ari drops to his knees to return the pleasure, he ravenously takes Koda’s cock down to the base, practically gagging with the jock’s heavy nuts on his chin while looking up at the sexy stud. Koda lifts himself up on his toes to aim his tool just right into Ari’s throat, loving the sensation of his inches sliding over Ari’s tongue.

The main event begins with Ari bent over the bed as Koda plunges his meat into his tight, wet hole. Ari grabs onto the bedding for support, feeling it slide beneath him as Koda carries over his pleasure into deep dicking and grinding. Ari opens up his body to take everything Koda can give, loving the intense thrusting just as much as his top.

As they get hotter and sweatier, Koda feels himself rising to a breaking point, unable to maintain the balance between sensational delight and sustainability. Everything fires in his loins as he feels his balls tighten up and push a load deep into Ari’s hole. The searing hot spunk makes its way into Ari’s body, dripping out as Koda continues to push back and forth.

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