Silver Steele and Luke Hudson
March 23, 2022 | Full Length Video : 26min 52sec

Luke Hudson is buzzing with excitement just being around Silver Steele. The tall, handsome daddy’s energy is beyond infectious, exuding not only an overwhelming sexual positivity, but a physical presence of power and strength.

Given Luke’s shorter stature, sexy giant Silver has to sit on the edge of the bed to kiss Luke face to face. He doesn’t mind, though. He loves knowing he can handle his partner with complete control. And he loves knowing he has a special hole ready to take his thick daddy dick.

When the shirts ...[Read more]

When the shirts fly off, the skin contact becomes borderline orgasmic. They can’t stop touching each other’s nipples, chests, and arms, wanting to never not be feeling one another’s soft skin.

Luke drops his pants and gives Silver a glimpse at his tasty, wet dick. Silver pulls down his pants in return and gently rubs tip to tip. Every feeling and sensation is captured on Silver’s expressive face; he can’t hide how good it feels to be so close to Luke’s loins. Silver puts a finger in his mouth and slowly slides it between Luke’s legs.

Silver can’t believe how good it feels. His cock swells up in an instant, making Luke’s mouth water in excitement. He stands still as Silver fingers his wet hole, but all the while thinking about taking his monster hog in his mouth. He holds out as long as he can, but he soon has to drop to his knees to experience the handsome man’s member up close.

Silver leans back as Luke attempts to close his throat around his meat. He runs his hands down his back and next, seeing the first few inches of his shaft disappear. And then, to his amazement, Luke manages to bring his soft mustache to his pubes, taking him in completely. If Silver wasn’t already incredibly turned on, seeing Luke devour him makes him all the more eager to pound his hole!

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