Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx
January 26, 2022 | Full Length Video : 28min 46sec

Jonah is no rush when it comes to enjoying his time with Stevie. The ginger-bearded trans man is brimming with passion and sensuality that makes Jonah careful to savor the moment. This is not a fast, disposable fuck. This is all about intimacy and trust. A connection and a bond. Their goal isn’t just to cum, but to come together.

As their tongues dance around one another, they carefully begin to peel off each other’s clothing. The smooth, soft flesh of each man invites the other to touch, feeling the heat of their chemistry rise up from the inside out. Jonah’s mustache tickles Stevie’s making them smile playfully as they delicately explore.

Jonah gets hungrier ...[Read more]

Jonah gets hungrier for more of his partner, kissing down his neck and licking his pink nipples. The freckled flesh of Stevie gets goosebumps as he feels himself becoming more enticed with the dark haired man. Stevie drops his pants and underwear, exposing his throbbing hard dick between his wet pussy lips. Jonah’s mouth drops in awe, amazed by the beautiful sight.

As Stevie leans back on the bed, spreading his legs apart, Jonah is drawn into his trans lover’s body with an undeniable attraction. His mouth gently presses against Stevie’s loins, kissing and tasting the aroused member, making Stevie’s toes curl in ecstatic delight.

Stevie throws his head back, his breathing becoming intense and erratic, disrupted by the amazing sensation of Jonah’s tongue on his hole. He feels wave after wave of pleasure crash over him, making him weak to do anything but roll his eyes back and smile.

As Jonah leans in to kiss his ginger partner, his hard erection rubs up against Stevie’s hole, making him desperate to feel it deep inside. But before he takes Jonah’s bare cock deep in his guts, he wants to feel it fill his mouth and throat...

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