Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx
November 04, 2021 | Full Length Video : 25min 16sec

These boys love kissing. From the moment they’re together, they’re unable to resist the urge to get in close and kiss deep. And with their impressive facial hair, the soft, tickling sensation only excites them more.

Jonah’s sensual demeanor spreads over Stevie like warm butter, easing him into a passionate sexual encounter he is sure to remember. As their hands freely explore beneath each other’s layers, piece by piece they strip down until they're completely open and exposed. Their intimacy is a mix of raw vulnerability and carnal pleasure, making for a powerful moment for these horny guys.

Jonah brushes his ...[Read more]

Jonah brushes his iconic mustache over Stevie’s legs, caressing him as he makes his way up to his gingery hairy crotch. Between the smooth, milky thighs Jonah finds a warm, wet pussy desperate to be devoured. And Jonah can hardly wait to dive his tongue in deep.

Stevie opens himself like a clam shell as Jonah dives for his pearl, flicking and teasing his clit and bringing his trans partner evermore pleasure. Jonah could rest his face between his legs all night, but it’s Stevie who stops him in order to get his own mouthful of goodness.

Jonah’s rigid cock fills Stevie’s throat as the ginger bear works hard to take it down. Jonah feels Stevie’s saliva drip down his shaft, making him imagine how wet his delicious pussy will be on his tool. Jonah’s precum coats the inside of Stevie’s mouth, making him all the more hungry to take it deep. Jonah gives him a kiss, tasting his own juices on Stevie lips, and slowly positions him to be bred deep.

Jonah looks right into Stevie’s eyes as he penetrates his hole, making sure he is in total connection with his partner before bringing himself balls deep into his guts. As he fully enters Stevie, he lets out a moan of absolute delight. Stevie fits like a glove, massaging every part of his shaft. Jonah builds up momentum, getting faster and deeper as he works Stevie’s hole, knowing that the trans man’s pleasure will bring him closer and closer to cumming inside.

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