Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx
September 09, 2021 | Full Length Video : 25min 29sec

Jonah Wheeler is known for his passionate, voracious, enthusiastic fucking. He loves a hot body with a little something extra, and Stevie Trixx is his perfect partner! Stevie’s firm, muscular body, ginger beard, and long legs are all prizes, but it’s his hard clit and tight, wet pussy that makes Jonah’s mouth water.

As soon as he gets Stevie on the bed, Jonah’s mouth plants deep between the trans man’s thighs, lapping at his juicy pussy lips like a cat takes to cream. His experienced tongue explores every part of Stevie’s sex, finding just where to lick to send him into a horny spasm. Stevie feels with every flick and suck of his knob just how badly Jonah wants inside… something Stevie is eager to feel as well.

Jonah lies on ...[Read more]

Jonah lies on his back as Stevie mounts up on his shaft, taking him down to the balls in a singular smooth drop. Jonah can feel his muscles grip him, massaging his member and bringing out his baser instincts to fuck and fill. Jonah feels his hips pick up speed and works Stevie’s pleasure points, making sure the ginger man is in as much ecstasy as he is.

Turning Stevie on his back, Jonah slides himself between his legs, mounting him missionary style on the edge of the bed, locking eyes with him as he moves into full breeding mode. His cock slams in and out, singularly focused on flooding Stevie’s insides with his creamy DNA. Stevie looks back with passionate desire, desperate to feel the warm fluid inseminate his pussy. It doesn’t take long for Jonah’s nuts to force out a massive load, giving Stevie the creampie of his life!

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