Jj and Luke Hudson
July 06, 2020 | Full Length Video : 19min 53sec

JJ’s lean, athletic body is a delight for Luke to explore. As the two, sexy jocks kiss and connect, the horny trans stud can’t resist running his hands over JJ’s smooth chest, flat stomach, and growing bulge. Luke slides his hands into his underwear, feeling his cock swell up as their chemistry warms up!

JJ slides down between Luke’s legs, spreading his thighs apart to get a look at his hot, wet pussy. Luke puts his hands behind his head as his lover laps at his hard clit, grinding it on his tongue as Luke gets his more and more aroused. JJ wets his fingers and pushes them inside, feeling Luke’s insides tightly grip onto him as his muscle contract and relax...

Wanting to feel ...[Read more]

Wanting to feel that grip on his cock, JJ puts Luke on his back, spreading his legs apart and plunging his thick dick deep inside. Luke takes every inch of JJ’s meat, feeling his pussy milk it while it makes his whole body tremble. JJ loses himself in Luke’s hole, stroking himself closer to orgasm with each intense thrust!

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