Jj Thorne and Ari Koyote
June 07, 2023 | Full Length Video : 17min 1sec

Though they are meeting for the first time, scruffy FTM porn star Ari Koyote and sweet-faced twink JJ Thorne seem like they know exactly what the other wants.

JJ practically rips Ari out of his clothes and reveals a slender body worthy of worship. And worship, JJ will—he gets working on that wet, pierced bonus hole of Ari’s, which becomes more wet with each passing second of attack from JJ’s tongue!

The slender twink ...[Read more]

The slender twink wastes no time getting his long cock in that beautiful hole. Ari mounts and moans as he fills himself with the long rod. He can sit down so expertly on it that it takes JJ, who’s skewered more than a few panting boys in his time, by surprise! Ari rides him almost at full speed from the get-go, moaning in sync with the twink top’s cock.

JJ’s cock can’t take much more of this heaven. He begins to pick up speed, thrusting his entire body into Ari, until finally, painfully, beautifully, he erupts. His cock fills his buddy’s well-used hole with seed. They’re both smiling as the orgasm pumps into Ari, the twink’s hot load dripping out of the handsome, scruffy FTM star’s JockPussy.

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