Jay James and Tommy Tanner
September 13, 2023 | Full Length Video : 15min 37sec

When Jay James and Tommy Tanner dropped their towels, Tommy was already fully erect! Jay immediately got on his knees to worship Tommy’s massive cock. These two have developed a purely carnal relationship, and at this point Jay could shoot Tommy a look and guide him anywhere he wanted to—and usually, he guided him to the bedroom.

Jay lubed up Tommy’s monster of a cock with a thick layer of spit. He’d need every bit of that natural lube to make it easier when he’d inevitably ride it! The walls of Jay’s bonus hole contracted around Tommy’s tickler with every throbbing inch.

After a while ...[Read more]

After a while of bouncing up and down, Jay found himself with his legs over Tommy’s shoulders. It wasn’t long before Tommy was pouring himself into Jay, filling his FTM fuckbuddy’s JockPussy to the brim with hot cum then slapping and caressing Jay’s t-dick with his throbbing cock in the heat of the afterglow.

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