Ethan Tate and Jaxson Cole
October 18, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 37sec

Ethan Tate ran into cute FTM dude Jaxson Cole as he went cruising downtown Friday night. Sure, Jaxson isn’t much for small-talk, but his casual, take-me-home stare was all Ethan needed to see. The two horny boys didn’t even bother to finish their drinks at the bar—they simply booked it back towards Jaxson’s place in no time flat!

Once they were alone, Ethan didn’t mess around. He stuck his hand down Jaxson’s pants. The hunky dude was a little sticky already in the crotch- and had the slender, tatted FTM cutie’s tongue not already been stuffed into Ethan’s mouth, the lad would have licked his fingers clean.

Jaxson laid back ...[Read more]

Jaxson laid back on the couch and spread his legs. His t-dick twitched as Ethan’s gorgeous twink face approached. Jaxson sputtered and sighed as Ethan nibbled, licked, and lapped the FTM jock’s sensitive area. In the moment that Jaxson got all wet and warmed up, Ethan grabbed his huge dick and aimed for that ready, juicy jock pussy…

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