Jack Bailey and Luke Hudson
November 18, 2021 | Full Length Video : 24min 44sec

Jack and Luke are like a couple of horny school boys when they get in front of the camera. Kissing, caressing, and gently pawing at each other’s bodies. At first glance, there appears to be an innocence to their connection--a youthful element of discovery and play. But these two are no strangers to a deep, hardcore fuck. And as they strip off their clothes and reveal more of their smooth, athletic bodies, things become decidedly more carnal.

Luke kisses up Jack’s long neck, his soft, auburn beard tickling him as they get closer and closer. Jack runs his hands over Luke’s arm, impressed with their size and strength. Jack begins to grind his loins up against Luke, feeling the warm, welcoming center of pelvis, seemingly drawing him in.

Before Jack gets ...[Read more]

Before Jack gets any further, Luke drops to his knees and begins swallowing up the smooth boy’s long, thick cock. His shaft is as rigid as a pipe as it moves to the back of Luke’s throat, Luke’s eyes darting up to meet his partner’s, seeing his adorable smile as he experiences the ecstatic sensation.

As saliva drips down Jack’s massive cock, Luke sits back in awe, in love with what he sees. Jack stands up and returns to return the favor, putting Luke up on the bed to suck his cock in return. Jack laps at the hard knob, feeling the soft hair surrounding it tickle his lip as he kisses and licks. Luke grinds his crotch into Jack’s face, feeding him more of his wet hole, eagerly anticipating feeling his tool inside.

It doesn’t take long before Luke is sliding his bonus hole down on Jack’s cock, taking him in and riding him with precision. Jack’s mouth is agape as he watches Luke expertly work his pole, practically in disbelief that it can feel so good. Luke smiles, loving every deep inch of Jack’s rod, knowing that he’s in store for a creamy reward.

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