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gabriel & tommy in montreal:  chapter 2

June 22, 2020 | Full Length Video : 12min 28sec

Tommy can’t get enough of Gabriel’s playful sexuality. As the handsome man inches up to him in bed, Tommy is completely smitten with his angelic smile and eyes. As he takes off Gabriel’s shirt, seeing his smooth muscles and strong chest, it makes him desperate to kiss and touch him.

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The two men take off their clothes, practically glowing in the afternoon light; beaming with desire and passion. Gabriel runs his hands over Tommy’s sexy tattoos and athletic frame, feeling his cock swell up in his underwear as the horny trans man kisses him all over.

Grabbing his cock, Tommy brings his lips to Gabriel’s crotch, tasting the handsome man and feeling his member pulse with the need to breed! Sucking him deeply, Tommy feels Gabriel getting even harder, giving away his excitement to get balls deep in his sexy lover...

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