Myott Hunter and Declan Gray
June 28, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 35sec

Declan Gray and Myott Hunter learned a lot about what makes each other tick when they last hooked up about a year ago. Despite the time lapse they both have some pent-up energy, and as soon as they see each other again they can’t keep their tongues from intertwining! Whether it’s their mouths, Myott’s thick cock, or Declan’s wet Jockpussy, they savored every second of each other’s smooth bodies.

But they can’t just taste each other. Declan moaned as Myott pushed his throbbing dick into the deepest crevices of that wet hole, their appetite for each other finally being fed. Myott’s slow thrusts picked up pace, stretching Declan’s hole with his thick cock, both of them in a haze of sweaty pleasure.

Myott would’ve liked ...[Read more]

Myott would’ve liked to have edged-out in Declan’s hole all day, but that warm boy pussy was too much for Myott’s throbbing cock. Before long, he was thrusting his whole body into that hole, jackhammering until his tightening balls finally flooded that well-used bonus hole. Man-seed dripped out of Declan as Myott pushed in and out for one last pump, all the while thinking about how they need to hook up far, far more often.

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