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Myott Hunter and Declan Gray
March 06, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 44sec

FTM stud Declan Gray and Myott Hunter are locking eyes and lips yet again. This wasn't just about picking up where they left off; it’s about leveling up their game. Every look, touch, and kiss is charged with electric lust. Myott is all in, tasting Declan’s wet warmth and lapping it up like a thirst-stricken man. Trans stud Declan returns the oral favor by swallowing Myott’s throbbing cock.

It doesn’t take long for Myott to slide his cock deep into Declan’s hungry wet hole, which is practically begging for the meat to take up residence inside him. A bold reminder of their unique vibe, where every touch, lick, thrust, and kiss is building to something that’s not just about the now but hints at even more epic, fluid flying (and flooding) rendezvous ahead.

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