Ethan Tate and Declan Gray
January 24, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 15sec

Sexy transman Declan Gray and cute twink Ethan Tate clearly enjoy each other’s company. They’re back for seconds; full-body kissing melts into the removal of T-shirts and shorts.

These young men just can’t wait to get to the good part. Lips still locked, hands roam over their slim, tight smooth bodies. Declan finds the twink cock that he’s here for and starts to jack Ethan’s hard meat, bringing moans of pleasure and desire out of the cute boy. Declan drops down to his knees to give that cock the attention it deserves.

After bringing Ethan ...[Read more]

After bringing Ethan to the brink of spilling his load, it’s Declan’s turn to lay back and be worshiped. Ethan’s more than happy to return the pleasure and goes to work on Declan’s bonus hole and swollen T-dick. His oral skills soon have Declan begging for a hard fucking, and Ethan gives it to him.

After a thorough deep dicking, Ethan’s worked up quite the big load, and leaves Declan overflowing…

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