Seamus O'reilly and Ari Koyote
November 22, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 44sec

Cute, glasses-wearing trans man Ari Koyote and ginger stud Seamus O’Reilly make out as they don matching blue and black jockstraps. The way they go at it, one would think the two were trying to see which could choke the other with their tongue first.

As their hands make their way into the front of one another’s jockstraps, the two are met with completely different yet equally exciting discoveries. For Ari, it's Seamus’s rock-hard pink dick, for Seamus, it's Ari’s increasingly wet jockpussy.

Soon, the jockstraps ...[Read more]

Soon, the jockstraps come off and mouths and tongues make their way down to the hole and cock. Ari eagerly swallows the length of that meaty cock as Seamus fucks Ari's mouth.

Ari sits on Seamus’s face and has him slide his tongue into the bonus hole. Once Seamus has quenched his thirst for trans man juice, he has Ari get on all-fours as he drives his cock into the bonus-hole-boy raw.

Seamus pounds Ari and looks the trans man in the eyes as he pumps in and out before spraying onto his stomach with his hot load. Seamus slips back into Ari to leave the last few drops of his cum inside him. Seamus plants one last sloppy kiss on Ari’s mouth for good measure—he can never get enough of the taste of Ari.

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