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ari & luke in atlanta: Chapter 1

April 12, 2024 | Full Length Video : 22min 41sec

Luke Hudson aims to strap on a big, thick dildo he brought and make his fuck buddy Ari Koyote squeal. After a thorough, hand-roaming make-out session, Luke peels Ari’s sopping jockstrap off and dives underneath his cute buddy’s wide-spread legs. Ari sinks down and sets his juicy, savory boy bits right on Luke’s happy face. The blonde trans twink is ready to slurp up Ari’s delectable boy treat and can’t get his tongue in there fast enough.

Eventually, Luke lost count of how many times he makes his wailing fuck buddy climax. While Ari catches his breath and tries to regain his bearings, Luke reaches over and grabs the big, thick dildo…

Director:Jason Sparks
Producer:Jason Sparks
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