Andrew Delta and Aiden Dean
December 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 20min 4sec

You can be both naughty and nice. FTM hunk Aiden Dean proves this when he, and inked-up stud Andrew Delta, ring in the holidays by unwrapping their gifts—each other! Tongue-wrestling in jockstraps, these two sexy men waste no time in playing with each other’s toys.

Andrew rips off Aiden’s jockstrap and dives tongue-first into the wet, hungry hole. He makes a full Christmas dinner out of the furry jock's hole and t-dick. Then, Andrew takes a festive red plug and plunges it deep into Aiden’s bonus hole, much to the hunk's delight. As Aiden moans and strokes his t-dick, Andrew ups the ante by taking a (far much larger!) dildo and fucking his play-pal’s extra entrance... until Aiden succumbs to a body-buzzing climax!

Series: Aiden Dean
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