Andrew Delta and Aiden Dean
April 26, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 3sec

FTM stud Aiden Dean and handsome bad boy Andrew Delta had just spent their holidays giving each other gifts of the all-night-long variety, but who says the party has to stop once the holidays are over? These inked-up studs sure don’t—the moment they meet, their shirts fly off quickly and they're pawing at each other’s shorts!

Andrew slides Aiden’s waistband down and dives face first into the bonus hole. Andrew laps it up as the FTM stud lays back and enjoys the oral assault on his wet, furry boypussy. Eventually, Aiden begs Andrew to slide his big, rigid dick inside. Andrew doesn’t need to be told twice—he begins a steady pounding of the FTM hunk, ending in a direct deposit cumshot into the furry hunk’s guts. It’s a holiday every day when you have a tattooed stud to fuck with!

Series: Aiden Dean
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