Jordan Starr and Aiden Dean
December 06, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 56sec

When the heat outside skyrockets, so do our hormones. Jordan Starr and his masculine FTM stud Aiden Dean are no exception to this phenomenon. You can almost see the heat waves radiating off these two as their lips clash in a steamy make-out session, each article of clothing peeled off one-by-one.

Aiden Dean beams a cheeky grin as he grabs hold of Jordan’s deliciously thick cock, and enjoys hearing the tall jock moan with pleasure as the tatted-up stud wraps his lips around the engorged member. The tables turn and Jordan begins to lap up the juices from Aiden’s wet bonus hole; Jordan flicking his tongue and spending a moment sucking on the T-dick he finds there.

Soon enough, Jordan’s ...[Read more]

Soon enough, Jordan’s tall frame towers over the smaller bottom, his tree-trunk sized dick slowly but surely gliding into the boy’s wet bonus hole. Aiden’s moans continue to fill the room with every strong thrust, leaving the studly masculine FTM stretched by thick cock once again.

Series: Aiden Dean
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