Andrew Delta and Aiden Dean
September 13, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 25sec

With the holidays coming to a close, it has gotten harder for FTM stud Aiden Dean to get muscle hunk Andrew Delta alone with him again. The two leave dinner without dessert, eager to taste each other’s sweets behind closed doors...

Their shirts are ripped off immediately, and their tongues clash as Aiden’s anticipation grows with every moan. Learning how eager his partner is (and returning with a juicy finger) Andrew strips the FTM stud to give his tongue full access to Aiden’s boy-pussy. When Andrew asks if it’s time to get his cock sucked, Aiden is swift to change positions so he can begin to deepthroat.

Before they know ...[Read more]

Before they know it, Andrew lines up his big stiff cock and sinks it inside of Aiden’s eager hole. The two have been having sex long enough that Andrew’s beginning to learn how to reach those spots to make his FTM boyfriend really make noise. It isn’t long before Andrew wraps up their passionate evening by creating some juices of his own—he shoots his load deep into Aiden’s bonus hole, and just like always, seals the session with a kiss.

Series: Aiden Dean
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