Jordan Starr and Aiden Dean
July 05, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 29sec

When it comes to attraction, tall and ripped gym bro Jordan Starr would tell you that he’s got eclectic tastes in men. Lately, however, the only sexy dude that Jordan has been hollering at is the ultra masculine, tatted-up FTM heartthrob Aiden Dean.

When Aiden arrives, there’s a potent spark that rapidly heats up the room between these playmates. When they start making out, Jordan’s redwood-sized cock twitches itself alive. Jordan can’t help but grin from ear to ear as the sizzling FTM stud easily swallows his massively engorged erection.

Later, Jordan gets ...[Read more]

Later, Jordan gets down on his knees, tickling and tasting Aiden’s mouthwatering T-dick and bonus hole. The FTM jock closes his eyes and murmurs a nearly breathless confirmation that he’s completely fallen for Aiden’s body and taste. Once Aiden’s jockpussy is good and soaking wet, Jordan wastes no time laying the FTM wet-dream out on the bed, ass-up for a sultry pounding!

Series: Aiden Dean
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