Trevor and Logan Philips
September 27, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 10sec

Trans twink dream Logan Phillips liked to put on a shy front. Once the clothes came off and the cameras started rolling, though, he got on all fours and got down to business! Lucky hairy-chested top Trevor couldn't contain his excitement as he immediately found himself with his tongue down Logan’s thirsty throat.

Trevor pushed his cock deep into Logan's wet jockpussy, and loud moans escaped their mouths. Logan’s hole welcomed Trevor's increase in pace and just as the top’s cock was on the verge of bursting, Trevor pulled out and started to jerk off. Logan used his fingers to further pleasure Trevor's tool. This puts Trevor over the edge, and shortly after his load bursts uncontrollably inside Logan.

Once the cock ...[Read more]

Once the cock slides out, Logan laps up what he can of Trevor’s load and they swap it between both their tongues as Trevor contently settles back on the bed in the pleasure of his afterglow.

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